Appearance Discrimination in Employment Essay example

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Appearance discrimination in employment: Legal and ethical implications of “lookism” and “lookphobia”

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And if it is immoral, should civil rights laws be changed to include “appearance” as a protected characteristic? These questions will be answered as part of the ethical analysis through several established theories. Therein, the authors define, explicate, and apply these ethical theories to the subject matter of appearance discrimination to determine whether it is moral. These ethical theories will be ethical egoism, ethical relativism, utilitarianism, and Kant's categorical imperative. Next, based on the aforementioned legal and ethical analysis, the authors discuss the implications for employers and managers who may be contemplating certain perceived practical business, or perhaps personal, reasons to discriminate against applicants and employees based on their physical appearance and perceived “attractiveness” or lack thereof. The authors then make recommendations for employers and managers on how to achieve certain business objectives, but without violating civil rights laws or treating job applicants and employees in an immoral manner.


It has been said that “A fair exterior is a silent recommendation” (Publilius Syrus, ca. 42 BC). Furthermore, “Beauty itself doth of itself persuade the eyes of men without an orator,” said William Shakespeare

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