Apostle Martyrs Essay

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The newly form religion called Christian would have a lot of growing pains over the next two centuries. Important Christian figure like the Apostles were being killed off. The Christian authority figures calling Apostles martyrs and anyone else who dies still believing in Christ love. The Church was looking to become more then that religion that people get to watch die in the colosseum. The religion still being new and did not have many followers and most of the followers were the poor, women, or slaves. They wanted to start converting the Jewish people and the pagans. The Christian had big dreams, before they could start spreading their influence they needed to do some house cleaning. Clement, bishop of Rome, wrote a letter to Corinthians …show more content…
He believe that jealously and envy has led to the persecution Christian community. He uses the Apostle Paul and Peter. Peter would be persecution many times and he keep the faith until his last breathe, he was martyr. Paul would be punish from a city and he would continue to spread Christ teachings. Clement claim that Paul life was best example of endurance. He would claim that everyone who stay faith should be seen as testament to how strong the religion is. Ignatius gives different perspective on persecution, because he was going to be put to death and he still did not question his faith. Ignatius see the Apostles persecution different from his own. He thinks “I am a condemned criminal. (Apostles) were free men I am still a slave”(Romans 4). What he means is that he is helpless in that he cannot do anything but stay faithful. Ignatius believe what he is writing is God voice. “…I am not writing now as mere man, but I am voicing the mind of God”(Romans 8). He goes onto to say that his suffering will be proof of Gods goodwill. Ignatius during his journey to Rome already accepted his faith of being martyr and says that he does not want a mortal life anymore. Even in accepting the fact he is going to die who hope his course is not a burden to anyone, hoping that animals eat all of the flesh off his bones. Ignatius believes “the only reason they were persecuted is because they were inspired by His grace..”(Magnesians 8). Even though he knew this, he still wish to spread the word of Christ, and believe that dying in the name of the lord was the best way to spread the religion, but why was this a problem for the church? The problem was with all of these important Christians figure being killed left and right it would make people doubt his power. The story of all of the martyr made people believe that believing in Christ until the very end will lead you to

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