Apollo 13 Mission Of The Apollo Space Program Essay

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Nobody is perfect. A phrase often spoken to people who make a mistake and are being comforted. Everyone has heard it before, right along with “Everyone makes mistakes.” It’s true, everyone does make mistakes, and no one is perfect; it’s a fact of human nature and something we all have in common. Another phrase we often hear a lot is “Every mushroom cloud has silver lining.” The Apollo 13 mission is known as NASA’s greatest successful failure. Although so many things went wrong, the crew onboard and the engineers on the ground were able to get everyone safely back home. Throughout the Apollo 13 mission, it is shown that even when faced with immense failures, you can overcome anything.
The Apollo 13 mission was the seventh manned mission in the Apollo space program and the third planned to be a lunar landing. The mission for the Apollo 13 crew was to land on the Frau Mauro Highlands. The Frau Mauro Highlands, or Frau Mauro formation, is a crater with an 80 kilometer diameter on the moon’s surface. The intent was for the crew to land on the crater and collect samples of ejecta, which is also known as debris, and to take it back home for analysis. This didn’t happen however, and the mission was passed onto the Apollo 14 crew after an in-flight incident with Apollo 13.
The in-flight incident was caused by a malfunction in one of the oxygen tanks. The number two oxygen tank had been previously installed inside the Apollo 10 service module, but was removed to be modified and…

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