Essay on Apathy Is The Feeling Of Love And Romance

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According to Merriam-Webster, apathy is the feeling of not having much emotion or interest. People in general tend to have a lot of emotions ranging from joy, sadness, anger, and fear. These emotions are on a constant view to the world around them with facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. Although, love is one of the strongest emotions felt by any human on this planet, with its passion everyone craves to just have a glimpse of the euphoric feeling of being in love. Though, some of the people in the world dislike the thought of relationships or just love and romance in general. Whether it be from a past situation, anxiety, or trust issues makes people really cautious around others when it comes to putting their feelings up for grabs. Apathy for love can be caused by childhood situations, trust issues, and fear of intimacy. During our childhood we watched our parents love each other and those around them, but in some cases families were broken and torn apart in a way that the child might not have seen or felt what real love is. When this happens the children are known to have lived in a broken home where the family is either divorced or struggling with other problems that are hard to help. The children that grow up in these situations tend to have addictions ad illness later in life and as these health issues progress they are less likely to have any involvement in love at all (Chan, Sue). Christina Steinorth, a California psychotherapist and author…

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