Is It Better To Be Loved Or Feared Summary

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Lukasz Tokarczyk
Management 513

Section 5- Is it better to be Loved of Feared
The author has done great work here, however it’s full of controversial statements. He outlines what constitutes a great leader (known as Prince), and provides his idea of such leader. This may not be appealing to the reader since his advice seems to violate what is perceived as the moral standards by the society. The author believes that it is better to be feared than loved, he suggests and portrays the idea of a feared leader, which he later classifies himself “as the teacher of evil.’ The idea of being loving or fearing a leader is sensible, but only depending on the situation’ (Machiavelli 1984)
Machiavelli desires to see a leader who is
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People will be less likely to conspire against someone they fear than someone they love.’ (Machiavelli 1984)
Thoughts and Reflections:
In conclusion, a wise leader would base his influence on both love and fear, however we live in an imperfect world and leaders will need to choose between both (love or fear). Relationships based on love tend to have a short life-spans that can be easily discontinued. Machiavelli suggests that relationships based on fear are far more enduring as parties involved in the process must be ready to pay the penalty for ending the relationship. Leaders are being warn however, not to become hated in process of using fear as primary motivator as it leads to potential retaliation and/or undermining.
‘Men love according as they please, and fear according to the will of the prince. A wise prince should establish himself on that which he controls, and not in that which others control. He must endeavor only to avoid being hated.’ (Machiavelli

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