Apa Outline Essay

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Jamie Anderson, SFU Surrey Library August 1, 2006 The APA Manual should be your main source of information for citing sources, but this addendum was put together to cover several types of electronic sources which are not covered by the APA. Here’s what the guide covers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Webpages Blogs Online Journal Articles Online Encyclopedias and Dictionaries Email Online Images The TECH 100 text Teamwork and Communication

Author and Owner Unknown, use Title of Webpage Use the webpage title as the first element of the citation if the author or owner is unavailable. What is a scholarly journal? (2002, September 24). Retrieved July 21, 2006, from
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Author Known Wardrip-Fruen, N. (2006, July 17). Expressive processing. Grand Text Auto. Retrieved July 21, 2006, from http://grandtextauto.gatech.edu/2006/07/15/expressive-processing/ Author Unknown, use Blog Name Buec Buzz (2006, July 20). ASIL guide to electronic resources in international law. Retrieved July 21, 2006, from http://blogs.lib.sfu.ca/index.php/buecbuzz/2006/07/20/asil

3. Online Journal Articles
Articles in journals, magazines or newspapers that are found in online databases should NOT be cited as webpages.


Full-text Article from Database Meyers, D. (2005). Video games: Issues in research and learning. Simulation & Gaming, 36, 442-446. Retrieved July 21, 2006, from Academic Search Fulltext Elite database. (In #44 Troyka gives an example of this method, but there's a mistake -- she needs , from between "1999" and "http...".) Avoid using the URL in an article citation. They tend to be long and can be session specific as the example below shows. http://web24.epnet.com.proxy.lib.sfu.ca/resultlist.asp?tb=1&_ug=sid+&session id=34534545&2D9F51%2DE9BC37DA1DAE%40sessionmgr5+dbs+afh+574 6&dynamicid=23446873453&_us=hd+False+hs+False+or+...

Online Dictionary with Edition Information In a dictionary, authors are never identified and the articles don’t have titles. So the title of the dictionary should be the first element. American Heritage Dictionary of the

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