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System Design Final Project
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With the abstract, you should tell me what you will be addressing with this paper. The abstract should not come across as the background. It should be the last section you should writer and you should summarize the paper.

System Design

Reflecting the trend for IT organizations to partner with the business and act as both an enabler and driver of value-generating core and enabling technologies (Luftmann & Kempaiah, 2008), SAP business executives have created an integrated solution set that enables closed-loop strategy-to-execution. Integrated customer offerings will require a significant realignment of key internal stakeholders as well as
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22) in order to influence required changes in organizational culture to support the new model without compromising the ERP business. ..

Strategic Planning. Team A has chosen to employ the Diamond E Framework to analyze and develop the MSIO at SAP. The Diamond E Framework (see Figure 2) enables ongoing evaluation and revision of the integrated offering strategy (Crossan et al., 2005). …

Figure 2. The Diamond E Framework (Crossnan et al, 2005, p. 42)

Continuous and Targeted Communication. LaRue et al (2006) warned that

insufficient communication of the design may create a barrier to success…

Performance and Progress Review System MSIO will be implemented through a portfolio of interdependent projects, which are evaluated on cost, project schedule and quality measures. ….


The paper addressed the market consolidation of multiple vendor industries combined with changing customer enterprise-buy trends has created an opportunity for SAP to differentiate on go-to-market packaging, pricing, and selling experience. …


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