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AP Euro Ch 24
Written by multiple phD’s from Yale University and the swag masters of lolhs ***** If everyone can do 6 questions each, that would be great. write ‘done’ or something when you finish

1. Experimental work of early 20th century physicists challenged/ultimately invalidated
Newton’s rational, mechanical conception of the universe* the old view of atoms as the basic building blocks of the material world and Newtonian physics
2. Inquiry into the disintegrative process by w/in atoms became a central theme in new physics in part do to experimental work of
Marie Curie and Pierre Curie on radium and radiation
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Britain’s Fabian Socialists
Stressed the need for the workers to use their right to vote to capture the House of Commons and pass laws that benefited the working class
Was not Marxist
With the trade unions, the socialists favored evolution toward a socialist state by democratic means
22. In order to implement the LIberal Party’s social reform program, David Lloyd George radically curtailed the
Tax burden on the wealthy class (it was modest)
23. Among the notable achievements of the British Liberals under David L George was
The House of Lords (made up of aristocrats) were prohibited to impede legislation enacted by House of Commons
The National Insurance Act 1911: benefits for unemployed and sick workers
24. The event which best exemplified renewed anti-Semitism in France in the late 19th century was the
The Dreyfus affair
A Jewish captain (ALFRED DREYUS) was found guilty for selling army secrets. In turned out that a Catholic aristocrat ( ESTERHAZY) was actually the traitor. He was never indicted because the army was made up of aristocrats and Catholic officers.
25. Growing tensions in modern Germany were exemplified by the growth of radicalized, right-wing political groups associated with anti-Semitism and imperialism
26. The Pan German League advocated
Imperialism as a tool to overcome social divisions and unite all classes
27. Russia’s disastrous defeat in the Russo-Japanese War indirectly led to the food shortages in

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