Ap Euro Kagan, Western Heritage 8th Edition. Ch. 9 and 10 Study Guide

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9/10 – 9/14
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Ch.9/10 Review Questions
Kagan Western Heritage 8th edition Chapter 9 (1300-1527) 1. What were the underlying and precipitating causes of the Hundred Years’ War? What advantages did each side have? Why were the French able to drive the English almost entirely out of France?

The first underlying and precipitating cause of the Hundred Years’ War was that England and France were too closely proximate emergent territorial powers. Another cause of the Hundred Years’ War was that Edward III of England was a vassal of Philip the Fair of France, and therefore held several sizeable French territories as fiefs. Also one of the underlying and precipitating causes of the Hundred Years’ was the quarrel between
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2. How would you define the renaissance humanism? In what ways was the renaissance a break with the Middle Ages and in what ways did it owe it’s existence to medieval civilization?

To me, renaissance humanism was determining what made a human, and also the belief that there was more to life then death. The renaissance was a break with the middle ages because the idea of humanism was started, in the early middle ages the idea of life was birth, work, reproduce, work, and die. Now there is the idea that life has more to offer then just an end.

3. Who were some of the famous literary and artistic figures of the Italian Renaissance? What did they have in common that might be described as “the spirit of the renaissance”?

Some of the famous figures of the renaissance were Dante, Erasmus, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo. What they had in common was that they were all alive at the same time and all knew each other, also, their art and writing was different and revolutionary.

4. Why did the French invade Italy in 1494? How did this event trigger Italy’s political decline? How do the actions of Pope Julius II and the ideas of Niccolo Machiavelli signify a new era in Italian civilization?

The French invaded because the Ludovico asked for their aid in a war between Milan and the rest of Italy’s

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