Anxiety In Sports

Anxiety is an unpleasant state of mental uneasiness that can causes physical and psychological discomfort. The effect of extreme anxiety will lower the individual's concentration and affecting their muscular control. Commonly, any sporting game or competition can give rise to anxiety when one's perceived ability does not measure up to the demands of the task. Not only that, competition also can cause to react both physically and mentally which can negatively affect their performance abilities. Anxiety is the best term used to describe this condition. Anxiety in sports is a decrease in athlete’s performance due to too much perceived stress. Perceived stress often increases in athletes on game day because they have an audience and they also have …show more content…
Here I want to point out one of the top athlete in Malaysia who is Datuk Lee Chong Wei. His performance at World Championship 2009 in Hyderabad has made many supporters disappointed when he lost to Sony Dwi Kuncoro at quarter final. It is true that Chong Wei is a world class standard player but by not winning a big tournament like the All England, World Championship or even the Olympics, Datuk Lee Chong Wei cannot be classified as a great player. He is too anxious to finish off rallies and was not playing his own game. In contrast to Peter Gade, he lost to Lin Dan in the quarter final but the manner he lost to Lin Dan, everyone respect it. He fought hard all the way punching the air after winning every point but Lin Dan was just too good that day. Meanwhile our Datuk Lee Chong Wei took things too cool. He was just playing like it was another tournament not World Championship. This condition might occur because of he gave himself too much pressure until he freak himself out. The pressure from fans and representing a country on his back is not easy for him. The other reason of he is not playing well is because of he is too tired. He played a lot before the game with Sony Dwi Kuncoro. Playing in front of a crowd can be very disturbing if athletes are not used to. Even Misbun Sidek agrees that Datuk Lee Chong Wei was cold when he came out of courts. This shows that he was very nervous. He also should be prepared any difficulty during those games. An additional factor that causes anxiety is the expectation of success. He might be too over confident to win the

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