Anti Gun Control

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Today in America majority of Americans witness shootings in life television or they have experience gun violence in real lives. Research shows when a shooting occurs throughout media more guns are sold than confiscated from those that committed a crime. But opponents will say that the Second Amendment protects those individuals the right to own a gun in the need for self-defense from threats all around the world. In most cases this statement may not be correct since Americans live in a nation where somebody carries some sort of weapon. In most cases the media tells us what to do in a situation where somebody is dead due to gun violence where the government tells us what to do whether we should have stricter gun laws or have more guns being sold to our citizens. These are some of the cases why people in power can never agree with each other to show which one is right and which one is wrong. In most cases people are buying guns out of fear without self-control of themselves. This pattern increases our security at risk where more guns are being sold without knowing who is buying the weapon especially those who have a criminal record. In this nation more guns are sold to those who should not have guns compare to other major countries around …show more content…
For they were both born and raised in Mexico in a nation were gun laws are stricter than over here in the United States. Laws in which Mexican citizens are not allow to have a possession of a gun. For myself being raise to a custom were having a gun has never occur to my parents to where I do not need a gun while being protected by law enforcement. But it has occur to myself sometimes to that I need to protect myself with a weapon just in case I am being harass by a criminal. In most circumstances I remain neutral under gun control for it has it pros and cons under this topic for both sides have to be

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