Anti-Communism and Mccarthyism Paper

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Anti-Communism and McCarthyism
America has both seen and had to face many obstacles which include several wars and a Great Depression. During those times America had many challenges to face, many of which almost led to the destruction of the foundation of the country. The most memorable is the Red Scare which is a result of anti-communism and McCarthyism.
This paper describes the differences between anti-communism and McCarthyism. Next, the perspective from which the media covered the issue is analyzed. In addition to the perspective of the media, the American foreign policy decisions are discussed as to how the decisions impacted anti-communism. Finally, the lives of Americans are examined as to how the Red Scare impacted many
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Media Coverage and Impacted Decisions Unfortunately, President Dwight Eisenhower was in support of McCarthy because the man was seen as a positive figure in the eyes of the public and the media. However, it was personal fears that were the driving force behind McCarthy’s popularity. McCarthy, along with Eisenhower, spoke together several times in Wisconsin. In one speech, Eisenhower stated that the government has to be one that Communists and others that sided with the individuals would not only find this uncongenial but thoroughly hostile (Frances, 1952). However, the media indicated that the two individuals never spoke together. This prompted speculation amongst people and everyone began to question the relationship between the two men. People began to wonder if the two individuals had a problem with one another. Through his public appearances, McCarthy was able to instill fear in the public. No one would dare to cross him for fear of what would happen to their personal lives and careers.
The Big Red Scare After World War One, a very hysterical America fell victim to The Red Scare. The uprising caused many people to lose jobs, families, and credibility. Actors even became unemployed and were unable to find work. Though as quickly as the scare came and went, there remained an incredibly severe case of fear in most, if not all Americans during this time. The Red Scare left many Americans paranoid and fearful of the unknown. However, one must wonder if the

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