Anti American Sentiment, And Help Rally China For A Possible War

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This document serves as war propaganda in China, its main goal is to rally the Chinese against a common enemy. In fact, the first line calls on all Chinese people to listen to the document. Afterward, the document asks these questions: What is the United States? and how should the Chinese people respond to it? After answering these questions, it calls up the history of the US in China, and how that was only beneficial to the US. The author states that the US attempted to create a relationship of superiority and inferiority between it and China. The US is accused of trying to make the Chinese admire it, and if that was not possible, fear it. As one continues to read the document, the author brings up more arguments against the US. Furthermore, it does not say that it is directed only towards the proletariat, as it involves the rich and the poor. Thus, the author plans to use this document to stir anti-American sentiment, and help rally China for a possible war. First of all, it is important to understand why China is running the propaganda machine, and encouraging anti-American sentiment. By encouraging such an activity, the PRC can appeal to the Chinese, and unite them as a common people against a common enemy, preparing them for the war. This is why there is no mention of Han superiority or, more importantly, why China as a whole is referred to as a nation. Furthermore, such a choice would help unite the people, since they have been divided on ethnic lives for…

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