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Annotated Bibliography- Written Section
Students’ adaptation of study strategies when preparing for classroom tests:
This article informs us about the various test taking strategies that students utilize when preparing for and writing tests. In addition, the article presents us with the view that instructors often have when administering tests and strategies for studying versus the students’ adaptation to these tasks and strategies given by the instructor. The implementation of student goals for studying and their ability to adapt to and implement the strategies are also studied. The main point of this study is to motivate further research on strategy adaptation, which will in the future help teachers and instructors administer tests as
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The main important points in this article are the developments in the evolution of test taking strategies, language related strategies, and the appropriateness of the research methods that are used. The focus is given to conceptual frameworks for classifying strategies. Verbal report methods from the past are also discussed and the role that they have played in understanding what tests intend to measure. Aspects of verbal data include self-report, self-observation, and self-relevance. In the conclusion, it is stated that there are still challenges ahead in test-taking strategies research, such as, coming up with a more unified theory of test-taking strategies for success. In addition, the main ideas from the past 25 years of research are also summed up, which include test validation, research methodology, and research findings. This reference helped me in understanding my topic more efficiently because it summed up all of the findings and research about test-taking strategies from the past 25 years into one article. Therefore, many strategies were listed in the conclusion. In addition, the article also lists the research from the past that has not worked out or was ineffective, and has therefore been omitted and is not utilized. This information helps to understand the topic more thoroughly, because we now know why certain information has been omitted and why it doesn’t fit in.

The interaction between cognitive test-taking strategies,

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