Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Annotated Bibliography
Aguirre, Manuel. “Life, Crown, and Queen: Gertrude and the Theme of Sovereignty.” Oxford UP 47.186 (1996): 163-74. JSTOR. Web. 2 December 2013.
This article interpreted the metaphors in Hamlet. The main focus was on the Cup of Sovereignty, which is the metaphor for the cup King Claudius drinks from during the marriage proposal. Even though I read information from this source I am not going to use this because it does not relate to my thesis. However, it does explain the significance of the cup referencing to corruption and the poisons that ruined many lives. This article helped me understand the symbolism of deception in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”
Barron’s. Hamlet. New York: Barron’s Educational Series,
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This chapter was very helpful in assisting me in outlining the damage that was done and ruined the lives of the people it touched.
Jones, Ernest. “The Oedipus-Complex as an Explanation of Hamlet's Mystery: A Study in Motive.” U of Illinois P 21.1 (1910): 72-113. JSTOR. Web. 2 December 2013.
This article is about the psycho-analysis of the character Hamlet in Hamlet, to answer unanswered questions about the protagonist motives. The main problem it analyzes is the hesitation of Hamlet to seek vengeance for his fathers’ murder. I am not using this article because it takes an introspective route and analyzes how Hamlet suffered from self-deception. Although the source was helpful in explaining Hamlet’s hesitation in killing his uncle, my paper is about the entirety of deception throughout the play and this concept takes me down a different path.
Paterson, John. "The word in Hamlet." Shakespeare Quarterly 2.1 (1951): 47-55. JSTOR. Web. 4 December 2013.
The article was about analyzing two features of Shakespeare’s Hamlet play; the play’s “verbal character and critical attitude towards the language” (Paterson 47). I am using this source because it explains deception in the play and the corruption that followed.
Reynolds, Bryan, and Adam Max Cohen. "Transversal Enterprises in the drama of Shakespeare and his Contemporaries: Fugitive Explorations."

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