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Internet Resources
1. Agresti, James D., and Reid K. Smith. "Gun Control Facts." 11 Feb. 2013 Web 18 Sept. 2014.
This is a web document in which the authors cover pure statistics and facts. Graphs, tables, quotes, and statistics are all that this piece contains.
This resource is useful since it was updated a little more than a year ago with the most recent data and continues to be updated as new stats and facts become available. It is also neutral in nature, giving just the facts and referencing both the affirmative and negative sides of the argument.
2. McEntee, Peg. “Utah Teacher Shoots Herself in Leg With Concealed Weapon.” Huffington Post 11 Sept. 2014 Web 18 Sept. 2014
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Dennis Henigan argues in this article that most college students are 18-24 years of age and at a highly volatile state in their development which stunts their ability to have concealed carry rights on campus.
This article will be useful to the negative side of our team, giving stats and facts that lean heavily towards keeping guns off of campuses and out of the hands of young adults.

5. "Concealed Guns." 5 Sep. 2012. Web. 18 Sep. 2014
This site compares and contrasts the pros and the cons of owning and brandishing handguns for concealed carry. Additionally, this site breaks down, by state, states that are in favor of concealed carry laws and those that are not.
This site is helpful because it allows affirmative and negative participants to see each other’s side well, and allows for many questions from both for debate purposes.
6. “2nd Amendment Bearing Arms-U.S. Constitution-Findlaw.” Findlaw 2014. Web 18 Sept. 2014
This site is dedicated to defining the laws in the Constitution of the United States.
This site is helpful, because it cites the 2nd amendment and then outlines states and individual rights for firearms.
7. Hughes, Trevor.

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