Essay about Annotated Bibliography: Robert Graves

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Annotated Bibliography: Robert Graves
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ENG 252
Victoria Schmidt
April 21, 2013

Annotated Bibliography: Robert Graves (2004, July 15). The Greek Myths: 1 - Robert Graves. Retrieved from Book reviews:

This analysis of Robert Graves, The Greek Myths, was far from what I expected. The author begins with stating that he is a great admirer of Robert Graves and has always enjoyed reading the Greek Myths. However, he goes on to say that Robert Grave's take on the Greek Myths was geared towards a much younger demographic and that he leaves out a lot of " the really good stuff." The author also
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It also goes into his discussions and his thesis that a poet needs to be devoted to creative energies of the Goddess, to learn to be a channel through which her inspiration can flow. His theories are deeply rooted in knowledge of ancient cultures and the Greeks and Romans. This website also offers some of his most famous works available in audio, however, you must sign up to the website to be able to save and hear them. These recordings include The White Goddess and during the narrative, she is revealed.

Robert Graves 1895-1985. (n.d.). Retrieved from Poetry Foundation:

This was a more thorough read and biography of Robert Graves. It goes more in depth about Laura Ridings influence on him and his works, his full career history, an extensive list of his poetry, his fiction and non-fiction works, children books he published, works he edited, works he translated (some with Laura Riding), periodicals and another extensive list of his book. This would be a great resource to use for any type of research on Robert Graves.

The Institute of Consortium; University of Oxford. (n.d.). Robert Graves websites. Retrieved from The First World War Poetry Digital Archive:

This website contains online resources with digitally archived works by the poet, novelist and scholar, Robert Graves. There are ten websites referenced that include promoting his life

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