Annotated Bibliography On The Cultural Environment And Issues Of Sustainability

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Annotated Bibliography on the Cultural Environment and Issues of Sustainability
In the act of building a business organization that foster growth, organization leaders are encouraged to consider the cultural environment of their business industry. This seems to be important for addressing the issue of sustainability. Business organization leaders need to constantly think how their organization physical location can influence the work cultural environment for the employees. The following are annotated bibliographies with research works about philosophical approaches that are relevant in today’s business environment.
Annotated Bibliography
Cotae, F-F.(2010). Looking at the link between leadership, organizational learning and the internationalization Sigmoid. Global Management Journal, 2(1), pp. 5-18
The article by F.Cotae (2010) addresses the complex relationship between the leadership within a multinational enterprise, its focus, as well as the importance of organizational learning for successful internationalization. The purpose of the paper is to unveil the links between the features of leadership in a multinational enterprise, organizational learning and internationalization. In theoretical terms, the respective links are discussed with the help of voluntarism versus determinism approaches to organizational behavior, as well as conventional and emergent organizational paradigms. The empirical part of the article addresses leadership decisions, organizational learning

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