Annotated Bibliography For Underage College Drinking Essay

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Annotated Bibliography for Underage College Drinking

Admit it. Once in your life, you have had your first alcoholic drink while under the age twenty-one. Whether it was a sip or a glass, you’ve had a taste. Do you remember the flavor? The smell? Who were you around? Did you feel different? Did it make you want to drink again? These are just some everyday thoughts that go through a young college adult’s head. Underage College Drinking is a serious college issue because it can impair students’ train of thought towards academics, can lead to poor drinking habits, and can lead to death.

Board, E. (Ed.). (June 15). Cutting Down On Under-Age Drinking.
Retrieved from

This article informs the audience that, the percentage of underage (binge) drinking has gone down five to six percent in the last ten to eleven years. The author explains that colleges are starting to take the drinking issue into their own hands with consequences. They also state: “Ad Campaigns and Educational seminars stressing the dangers of drunk driving and alcohol poisoning seems to have made students warier of drinking large amounts” (E.d. June 2015)
My Assessment: This source backs up my thesis because it speaks upon student drinking has gone down in the last decade, but is still a problem that is being solved each day. It could easily be lowered completely if people under the age twenty-one stopped drinking all together, but life is…

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