Essay on Annotated Bibliography for Psychology

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Annotated Bibliography for Psychology
Armstrong, Thomas. “The Extent of Childhood Attention Deficit Disorder Is Exaggerated.” Opposing Viewpoints: Mental Illness. ED. Tamara L. Roleff and Laura K. Egendorf. 2000. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Thomas Gale. NEMCC Lib., Booneville, MS. 24 Sept. 2008 < WEBPAGE/online_databases.htm>.
The viewpoint has eight pages with four sections and two further reading sections, one listing periodicals and the other listing books to find more information. In the following viewpoint, the author forms facts and opinions about the existence and prevalence of attention deficit disorder (ADD) which is characterized by over activity, impulsiveness, and inattentiveness. His
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This reference contains the history and theories of what child psychology entails. It also includes how and why child psychology is important, the different stages of childhood, and the academic quality that is seen in the United States. The reference does not give opinions, but well persuasive theories of what is apart of child psychology.

Clemmitt, Marcia. “Students Under Stress.” The CQ Researcher Online. 17.25 (2007). CQ Press. NEMCC Lib., Booneville, MS. 24 Sept. 2008 < WEBPAGE/online_databases.htm.>
This article is sectioned in thirteen topics. Each topic gives specifics on students under stress. The report focuses on different study habits and how students react under stress. It displays graphs and charts of students under stress in different countries. The article gives detailed information on how younger students stress more. The style of writing is easily to understand by teachers and professors. Those who are interested in students stress would be more than welcome to read this article.

Kantrowitz, Barbara, and Peg Tyre. “ The Fine Art of Letting Go.” The Boomer Files: Parenting.
22 May 2008: 21,48. SIRS Researcher. ProQuest Information and Learning. NEMCC Lib., Booneville, MS. 24 Sept. 2008 < online_databases.htm.>
In this article, parents are facing their final frontier of how to stand aside as their children become independent adults. Letting go is

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