Annotated Bibliography : Addiction As It Essay

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Annotated Bibliography: Addiction as it Pertains to Gender
Vaughan, E. L., Wong, Y. J., & Middendorf, K. G. (2014). Gender roles and binge drinking among Latino emerging adults: A latent class regression analysis. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 28(3), 719-726. doi:
This article looked further into the gender roles of Latinos developing into adults and how that affects their binge drinking. With Latino’s being the fastest growing minority, it is important to study differences in cultures as it pertains to addictions. The author’s results showed that gender roles do in fact play a role in binge drinking and addiction to alcohol by Latinos, and the concept of masculinity can help to either prevent binge drinking or encourage it. Latinos who were born in another country were less likely to binge drink, and Latinos who had a stronger awareness on their course of life were also less likely to binge drink. The authors chose female and male Latinos between the ages of 18-25 years old. The authors measured the role of gender by using a three item scale: personal masculinity, social masculinity and femininity. The drinking was assessed by asking how many drinks they had consumed in the past two weeks and rated from there. Understanding different cultures as well as gender roles is a vital part of treating them.
Lorenzo-Blanco, E., Schwartz, S. J., Unger, J. B., Zamboanga, B. L., Des Rosiers, S. E., Huang, S., . . . Baezconde-Garbanati, L. (2015).…

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