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Annotated Bibliography
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You may include a cover page for your annotated bibliography. This is an example of an APA cover page for undergraduate and master’s students. Doctoral students should use the annotated bibliography sample found on the Doctoral
Writing Resources site under

Annotated Bibliography
Biemiller, L. (2013, December 6). From a million MOOC users, a few early research results. The
annotated bibliography includes references formatted according to

Chronicle of Higher Education [Web log post]. Retrieved from
An annotated bibliography is a list of references to books, articles, web pages, and other sources.
The reference is listed first and
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Detailed reasons to not use
Wikipedia and like sites are provided.
Francois, E. J. (2014). Motivational orientations of non-traditional adult students to enroll in a degree-seeking program. New Horizons in Adult Education & Human Resource
Development, 26(2), 19–35. doi: 10.1002/nha3.20060

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Academic sources should be relevant and credible.
sources that are more recently published so the research is up to date.

The research in this study focused on motivating factors for non-traditional, degreeseeking adults. The Education Participation Scale (EPS) was used to evaluate adults in associate, bachelor’s, master's, and doctoral programs. The particulars of the motivational orientations can be useful for recruitment materials and designing curriculum. The annotations should be written in third person point of view just like an academic paper.

Shepherd, M. M., & Tsong Shin, S. (2014). The effects of informal faculty-student interaction and use of information technology on non-traditional students' persistence intentions and educational outcomes. Journal of Higher Education Theory & Practice, 14(2), 46–60.
Notice each entry is listed in alphabetical order by author’s last name just like on a reference page. The study presented here attempts to address concerns over the education outcomes for nontraditional students when using social integration. The authors explore

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