Marxist Analysis Of The Movie Anna Karenina

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The movie Anna Karenina is all about Anna who has a husband that is Count Alexei Karenin, and they have a son named Seryozha. At the train station Anna met a Cavalry Officer Count Vronsky and they feel attracted to each other when they first saw each other, and a railway worker died in a accident and they compensate for the life of the worker. As soon as they saw each other they feel attracted to each other. At an event Kitty the younger sister of Dolly the wife of Stiva and brother of Anna attempts to dance with Count Vronsky but Vronsky dances with Anna and they caught the attention of everyone in the event leaving Kitty disappointed. Anna at a stop over leaving Moscow and she saw Vronsky and he declares that he must always follow Anna wherever …show more content…
Like in the story it shows that there are social standings that also happening until now that you can only marry a person that is equal to you or you cant marry a person if you are rich and the person you want is poor. Under Marxist criticism there is a question about "How do characters overcome oppresion?" In the story it shows that you don’t have the freedom to choose your wife/husband if you are a really rich or powerful but if you choose to marry the person you want, you will have to pay the price. Like Nikolai the brother of Konstantin Levin who is a landowner chose to marry a prostitute and gave up his inheritance. Even today this kind of situation is happening especially if your family is that really rich and you don't have the right to choose, they only want you to marry the person that can give benefit or save your Company. But as long as you are happy you don’t need to care about the opinions of other

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