Essay On Social Stability In Brave New World

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Is Social Stability Worth It ? Social stability means that your whole community is equal. We all earn and do the same as others around us, which makes us even. Social stability can also help keep our society in balance. Without social stability , our society can end up being chaotic. Social stability has a big part in the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Their society is balanced by having their citizens take an amount of soma and by also having certain restrictions. The sacrifices that the World State requires of its citizens are not worth the prize to maintain social stability, because it can eventually make someone rebellious and unhappy. Not everyone is going to be okay with other people deciding for them and making decisions for …show more content…
Community takes role by having a world state which means there are no differences between its citizens and they are all worth the same. There are controllers who have everyone under their command, although there is a group called Savages that live In New México but they are not under the same rules as everyone in the World State. Identity happens by having everyone conditioned in the same way as everyone else when they are little by hypnopaedia. Lastly the society in Brave New World does not have Identity because is lost. In this world “Everyone belongs to everyone” ( Huxley 43 ). People are thought this as children by sleep teaching which is also known as …show more content…
He finds everything everyone else does wrong and disagrees with everything that is going on in the perfect society. He was not like the rest of the guys in the World State, he did not like sleeping around with different girls all the time. He did not just want sex from them. For example he had feelings towards Lenina, but in their World having feelings was not allowed. He wants something serious with her but Lenina is used to just sleep around with any guy she pleases. Fanny was Lenina’s friend and as everyone she thought that Bernard was weird and different from the rest, because Bernard would not do or play the same things as the rest and that was what made them think Bernard was something else compare to the rest of the citizens. Fanny says “And then he spends time by himself alone” ( Huxley 45 ). By that statement Fanny tries to prove to Lenina that Bernard is really different from them. Also because in the perfect world no one likes to be alone, that was wrong in their society. They could not be alone at any time. Other people would complain about this rule that the World State has for its citizens because there are people who would rather be alone than with

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