Anita Should Do Strategy Implementation Essay

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Anita should do strategy implementation. Anita could have reinforced the set plans that was already successful for the organization. The retreats goals were to review the mission statement and to make vital changes if needed. The strategic planning retreat was not to reconstruct the organization. Anita wanted to discuss her plans for the forward movement of the organization at the retreat, the was not the appropriate time. The organization already had a profitable year. Anita should have planned to maintain the organization 's present success and reinforce the organization 's plans, purposes, and procedures- the three P’s. The most difficult transition for a leader and organization is adapting to a new leadership role and adapting to a new leader. I think Anita should have used the strategic planning retreat to re-familiarize herself with the organization’s mission, implement the original structure of the organization as CEO, maintain the organization’s present success, familiarize herself as a CEO, and let the people familiarize themselves with her being the CEO of the organization. We lead for the people, not for ourselves. When we are replacing a good leader the people have to trust that we will do the same job, if not a better job, than the former leader. The people knew Anita as Vice President, they did not know Anita as CEO. Anita should have analyzed the mission statement, then allow the people to reacquaint themselves with her in her first year as CEO.

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