Animation On Vimeo Writing Assignment Essay

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Animation on Vimeo Writing Assignment: “Gulp”
For the purpose of this critique, I will be analyzing the stop-motion animation, “Gulp,” using the art critical framework. “Gulp” was released in the summer of 2011 (uploaded to Nokia HD’s channel on July 25, 2011) to showcase the creative imaging capabilities of the Nokia N8 while also attempting to create the largest stop-motion set at the time. The short film was directed by Will Studd and Ed Patterson from Sumo Science at Aardman, and was used and distributed as a commercial for Nokia. To clarify, I will not attempt to analyze each frame; I will be analyzing the animation as a whole.
Throughout the animation, there is a beige, sand-textured, underlying background. By watching the associated behind-the-scenes video, “Gulp. The Making of.” posted on Nokia HD’s Vimeo page, it is obvious that the background is a beach shot from above. There are two main perspectives or angles used; one from above, and one from the side showing a profile. Initially, the viewer is watching sequences from above. With the exception of a brief sequence (more on this later), the majority of the main story is viewed from the side. The closing credits are viewed from above, followed by a scene in which a Nokia N8 is secured in an elevated mount overlooking a coastal village with a beach, an ocean, hills, and green fields in the background. The very last sequence shows a Facebook, a Twitter, a “Embed” (Embedded), and a “Like” logo being…

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