Animals Can Get Diabetes Just Like Humans ! Essay

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When someone has diabetes, it means that they have too much sugar in their blood. Our body uses sugar for energy- so we can play a game of basketball, race our friends, have fun! Insulin is a hormone that allows sugar to go from the bloodstream to cells to make the energy, and when there is not enough insulin or there is an absence of insulin, the pathway is blocked causing a rise in sugar levels. When the sugar levels rise in the blood, diabetes occurs.
FUN FACT: Animals can get diabetes just like humans!
Signs and symptoms:
Although types one and two diabetes are different, the signs and symptoms are mostly the same. Some signs would be:
• Frequent urination (Body is trying to get rid of the excess glucose!)
• Thirst (This is because glucose becomes hyper-concentrated, which causes the kidney to lose the ability to pull out the glucose from water. Normally, most of the glucose is removed from the urine and put back into the body. Since the glucose can no longer be pulled out from the water in your kidneys, the osmotic pressure builds up. After so much build up, water cannot be absorbed back into the bloodstream, and it instead being absorbed out of your bloodstream).
• Feeling hungry even when you have eaten.
• Weight loss even though you have been eating more (type one)
• Tingling, pain, or numbness in the hands or feet (type two)

Types of diabetes:
There are two main types of diabetes: Type one and type two.
Type one:
Another name for type one diabetes is juvenile…

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