World War 1 Animal Warfare Essay

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Section A: Plan of Investigation

During the early stages of World War I, there was constant competition between countries to improve warfare to gain power and control. Major countries in the war began to use unusual techniques and innovative ways to complete tasks and increase casualties on the opposing side. This investigation will answer the question: To what extent did the use of animals in World War I affect the outcome of the war, along with the public opinion of animal warfare? This topic was chosen after noticing how animals’ skills, were applied to war as they worked side by side with soldiers. To answer this question, the investigation will examine the purpose and effect of different types of animal warfare and how it contributed to the defeat of the Central Powers by the Allies. The sources being used include articles, books and televised programs about World War I and animal warfare.

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Section B: Summary of Evidence

Some animals that significantly helped the war include pigeons, dogs and horses. They were used for their strength, intelligence, obedience, friendship and ability to withstand extreme climates. Pigeons were often used in Europe, right at the start of the war in 1914, to carry confidential messages. Dogs were also used as messengers and for their special ability to detect enemies. The
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They do not have a choice and they do not have the reason and intelligence to think for themselves. There are many arguments for animal rights already, and putting them in war will only increase the outrage. These animals also possess special traits than humans do not have, such as strength, the sense of smell and the ability to fly. A soldier is not defined as a human that goes into battle, but just one that serves in the war. They should be allowed in war and accepted as a

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