Russian Revolution And Animal Farm Comparison Essay

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“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” -George Santayana
This quote best exemplifies the allegory Animal Farm written by George Orwell. It shows that Napolean forgot about all the mistakes that Farmer Jones made and he committed them himself. Many of Napolean’s bad decisions and selfishness led the farm to even worst situations. The Russian Revolution is very similar to Animal Farm because both events resulted in the overthrowing of the government due to many reasons such as weak leadership or the mistreatment of others. During both events, all citizens revolt against the main powers for many reasons. In the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks overthrew the government because they wanted their own government as a communist
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In both of these events, the civilians were starving. During the Russian Revolution, people went on strike for the amount of food distributed which led to the failure of production in the factories. Likewise, Animal Farm also had food shortages and this animal mistreatment led to the animals revolting. Both of these events also included weak leadership. In the Russian Revolution the leader, Czar Nicholas II, was very weak because he was easily influenced which means that others could easily take advantage of his power. In the same way, Animal a Farm also had weak leadership. Farmer Jones proved this in many ways, the main one being that he made his animals work a lot yet consumed more than he gave to the animals. Due to this the animals revolted and he had to abdicate his power over the farm. During the Russian Revolution people started to revolt because of communism. People would be ranked on their abilities, wealth, and so on. The same went for Animal Farm. Animals would be ranked and categorized in different classes, the pigs being the highest due to their intelligence. All these things were very big reasons for revolutions and were a very big influence to more …show more content…
Many occurrences that took place during these two events had many effects to them, most of them being negative effects. One of the biggest reasons that these events led to more problems is because the misuse of power and weak leadership. In the Russian Revolution, Czar Nicholas II had very poor characteristics that led to Russia 's downfall. Similar, in the allegory Animal Farm Farmer Jones lost his farm due to his weak leadership. After these successful revolts a new problem was introduced, which was the misuse of power. The Bolsheviks took advantage of the power they had gained and were creating new problems. Like so, Napolean led the revolt to end the problems that the animals faced with Farmer Jones but instead was recreating those problems and making them even wore. This shows that power is very dangerous because if it is put in the wrong hands it can create more conflict and it can completely change somebody and their rational thoughts. Napolean also used Squealer as an advantage because of his skills in speech. With this he misused his power by getting Squealer to use his false propaganda to gain benefits for the pigs. As said before, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This shows that if one does not remember their sole purpose and does not

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