Essay on Animal Testing Should Not Be Legal

1300 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 null Page
Many companies and businesses use animals for research and testing out new products. Members in the scientific community also use animals to further their research. Using animals for these purposes are necessary. After all, animals played a huge role in many medical research and breakthroughs over the last couple decades. Without animal testing, we wouldn’t have many household products, cosmetics, or even drugs which help prevent diabetes, HIV and cancer. In these situations, animals help advance new medicine and technology to benefit human development. Though sometimes, in the name and sake of research, animals undergo unnecessary torture and abuse in order to test a single substance, which should not be the case. Instead, other methods could be used which are far more animal- friendly and ethical. Since animals have similar characteristics to humans in terms of their physical and psychological states, we have a moral obligation to free them from unnecessary pain. Alternatives to animal testing are more cost-effective, quicker and more reliable. Contrary to what we might think, animals share similar characteristics with us in terms of their physical and psychological states. Koko, a gorilla, was taught how to use sign language and has mastered more than 1,000 signs and can understand several thousand English words. To express their sense of individuality, orangutans use mirrors to explore parts of their bodies they can 't otherwise see. A common misconception is…

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