Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned Essay examples

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Pain is an inherent evil felt by any living, breathing creature; be it a mouse or a human. Inflicting pain on another creature is simply immoral and should be prohibited. According to the words of a British philosopher of the nineteenth century, Jeremy Bentham, those who support the welfare of animals believe that the question about tests on animals, “is not, ‘Can they reason?’ nor, ‘Can they talk?’ but, ‘Can they suffer?’” (Bentham). Animals do suffer and do feel pain; even though they may not express it into words humans can understand, if it is wrong to exact pain on a human beings, then it is just as wrong to do so on an animal. Although some believe that animal testing is accessible and inexpensive, intentionally harming animals is unethical and ineffective because comparing animals to humans is inaccurate, spending money and taking lives for a questionable solution in science is wasteful, and new technological advancements acting as an alternative makes animal testing archaic, which shows that animal testing does not benefit any part of society or technology.
Despite the claim that animal research has strengthened the world of medicine and technology, relying on inaccurate tests that prove to be questionable solutions for human products is dangerous and is considered flawed science. Some argue that there are benefits yielded from animal testing, such as the vaccine for smallpox, derived “from the cowpox virus used by Edward Jenner... that farm workers who contracted…

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