Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned Essay examples

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Animal experimentation has now been outdated due to the alternative testing that now exists. Even if products pass the animal testing that does not make them safe and test results are not always reliable due to the differences between animals and humans: it is cruel and inhumane to the animals being tested, and the animals used are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act. The use of animals in science and experimentation is a needed change. The suffering of these harmless creatures needs to come to an end.
There is no longer a need for animal testing due to the alternative testing that now exists. Scientists have invested their time to learn new methods of testing that does not involve animals. These forms of testing have even proven to be more effective. There are a number new ways of testing that includes human tissue. The use of in vitro, which is based on human cells and tissue, is one of the most advanced ways of testing. This form of testing is also more dependable because the product has been tested on human tissue. The use of stem cells and genetic testing methods are also advanced alternatives for testing (Alternatives). Humans have volunteered to contribute to something called micro dosing, which does not harm the human body. Another form of testing on human tissue is micro fluidic chip testing, which imitates body functions (Gilbert). The uses of these forms of testing alternatives are more authentic because they’re the closest things to humans (Alternatives).…

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