Animal Testing Is Not Entirely All Bad Essay

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Real Benefits: Animal Testing Through much research it can be shown that animal testing is not entirely all bad. Testing on animals has gotten an awful reputation for its involvement in the cosmetic world. It has gotten so bad that several countries have banned products tested on animal and several cosmetic companies have eradicated the use of animal testing all together because of consumer pressure. However, there is medical animal testing which is in the shadows of cosmetic testing. It is not as commonly talked about, but its benefits are much more substantial to the human and animal world in terms of health care. The lack of information delivered to the public on animal testing has led to a number of protests and the vandalizing of laboratories. According to Murnaghan, protesters have actually prevented companies from research through fear and threats (¶4). The misinforming from people and organizations has blinded the public to the real benefits and justification of animal testing, at least for medical purposes. Medical animal testing clearly needs animals, but who protects these animals? And what are the animals that need protecting from testing? The typical animals used in animal testing under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), according to the USDA’s fiscal annual year report on animal usage are: cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, nonhuman primates, pigs, and sheep (“Annual Report Animal Usage by Fiscal Year”). There are a few other species covered under the…

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