Animal Testing Is A Controversial Topic Essay

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Comparative Analysis Animal testing is a very controversial topic; everyone has an opinion on it. Those who are against it, like the writer of the article,, usually bring up the discussion of the impacts and changes it has made in animal species or the ineffectiveness and distraught it has brought. “Animals metabolize drugs differently from humans: thus substances which are safe for dogs or rats may not be safe for people. For example, Rezulin (for diabetes) passed animal tests with flying colors but killed thousands of people before it was withdrawn in 2000” ( There are also those who are for animal testing like the author of the article,, who discusses their viewpoints on the ethic philosophies and rights of animals or lack thereof. “That if animals are not autonomous and are not morally responsible they cannot exert a claim upon anyone or anything else and so, despite having a moral status, are not entitled to rights” ( Article number ones,, claim is that animals should not be tested on because it is wrong. While article number two, , claims that animals should be tested on and that there is nothing wrong with it. Both authors then start their articles differently. The author who wrote against animal testing began by naming the…

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