Animal Testing Comparative Analysis Essay

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Comparative Analysis Animal testing is a very controversial topic; everyone has an opinion on it. Those who are against it, like the writer of the article,, usually bring up the discussion of the impacts and changes it has made in animal species or the ineffectiveness and distraught it has brought. “Animals metabolize drugs differently from humans: thus substances which are safe for dogs or rats may not be safe for people. For example, Rezulin (for diabetes) passed animal tests with flying colors but killed thousands of people before it was withdrawn in 2000” ( There are also those who are for animal testing like the author of the article,, who discusses their viewpoints on the ethic philosophies and rights …show more content…
They then begin to explain how philosophy and ethics play a role in the opposing viewpoints. The next paragraph jumping into the moral status surrounding animal testing. Continuing on the moral status it is then stated that humans empathize things such as animals and in return we get moral value. Also when we see someone/something capable of feeling pain we feel it is our moral duty to change what is wronging the person or thing.
In the next paragraph the author begins to talk about rights of animals or the lack thereof. The writer brings forward their opinion that animals do not have rights because they do not have moral responsibility or the ability to reflect on their decisions. As the article begins to wrap up the author jumps onto a sensitive topic and the title is “Do Animals Matter?” The writer talks about the difference between swatting flies and killing young orangutans. This is their example of the deprivation of potential life and how you must compare lifespans and quality of

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