Animal Testing And Human Treatment Essays

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Most of the Animal Testing does not provide solution to the human treatment in biomedical research, and are not reliable to predict the human health. Along with this human benefit cannot justify the cruelty in animal testing during research. However, looking at the history of biomedical research, animal have been repeatedly use whether those testing were successful or not. It is true that human beings and animals are somewhat similar in biological and physical structure but does that mean animals are good enough to use in biomedical research for human treatment? Even though they share some common features, they function differently at cellular level and reacts differently to the chemicals, in fact, “humans differ from other animals anatomically, genetically and metabolically, meaning data derived from animals cannot be extrapolated to humans with sufficient accuracy” (Pycroft, L. and Martson, H. 2011). There are some animal testing which have been found helpful and successful in determining the human treatment and medicine but that does not provide any guarantee that animal testing are always successful and helpful. Moreover, “animal ‘models’ have never been validated and the claim that animals are necessary for biomedical research is unsupported by the scientific literature” (Results from Research on Animals Are Not Valid When Applied to Humans, 2015).

“No animal is a per- fect replica of humans—not monkeys and apes, not “human- ized” mice with human immune…

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