Argumentative Essay On Animal Rights

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“Animal Rights” is the belief that like humans, animals have rights (James, 5). Englishman Henry Salt published nearly forty books. One of his books was Animals’ Rights. In this book, he said that like people, animals have rights because the animals are individuals with lives that matter to them. Because of this, Salt argued that animals deserve to be free from human interference (Treanor, 28). Although not everyone agrees with animal rights, they are important in our society because animals are being abused in experiments, being mistreated in zoos, being used in educational purposes, and suffering other abuses and they need to be protected by both individuals and groups.
Violations of animals are widespread and can have a bad effect on the wellbeing of animals. Every year around the world approximately 56 billion animals are bred, raised, and killed for the only purpose of providing food (Flinn). No longer are animals raised in the fresh air like one thinks of as a traditional farm. Instead, “intensive” farming is used. These farms
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It has been long believed that humans have had a negative impact on wildlife. Conservation is meant to protect the wildlife for future generations. For example, if a builder choses to maintain an area of wooded land for the natural wildlife instead of clearing away all of the trees for new construction.
In conclusion, many atrocities occur daily, weekly, and annually to the world’s population of animals. While progress has been made on the medical research front with the use of animals, the abuse of animals needs to stop. With the help of peaceful practices such as organizing, rescuing, spaying and neutering pets, taking time to learn more about where food and products are made/grown/tested, and helping to establish laws, people can work together to assure that the species that cannot fight for itself has a voice. People can work together to help animals have

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