Animal Rights As A Global Issue Essay

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Animal rights are defined as giving animals the consideration of their best interest. Weather it’s because they are “cute” or useful to the human race, and meaning that animals are not ours to manipulate. Recognizing that animals have just as much of a right to live on this planet without being threatened by humans hunting them or performing experiments on them. And it is not just wild animals, household pets and livestock are also a major part of animal rights becoming a global issue.
The history of animal rights has been dated back ancient Greek and Roman times. They urged the respect of animals interests because they believed in the transmigration of souls between animals and humans. While the great philosopher Aristotle wrote that nature created animals for their own sake but later came to the conclusion that animals were created for the sake of humans (Mameli and Bortolotti). The Stoics were people during Aristotle 's time who thought that all nonhuman beings were to be treated irrationally. They treated them as slaves and treated them as contemptible beneath notice. These ideas were embedded into the Christian theology advocated by St. Augustine (354-430). They then made their way into Roman and European law during the late 11th century. The ideas then made way into English, and later American, common law and seemed to stick in the backwater of legal regulation until the final decades of the 20th century (Mameli and Bortolotti). Later in his studies, Aristotle came…

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