Animal Farming Is Destroying The World Essay

870 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
Global warming has been a big issue in the world today. Many speakers on the topic have their own ideas on how to stop or further prevent the global temperature fluctuations. One topic has been overlooked by many on why the Earth is dying: animal agriculture. Though many people will not want to accept the simple fact that animal farming is destroying the world, evidence shows that people can halt the destruction. Greenhouse gases, land control, and human causation are all major factors towards animal agriculture 's effects towards the planet. The entire human population should limit their animal product consumption to keep the Earth prosperous. To begin, eighteen percent of all greenhouse gas emissions come from animal agriculture alone. This number is five percent higher than the thirteen percent from transportation exhaust, which includes fossil fuels burned for road, rail, marine, and air transportation. Many skeptics will try to guilt people into believing that the vehicle they own is a direct reflection on the impact they are having on the Earth, when in reality, the issue of animal farming is not being brought to the forefront. Livestock and their byproducts make up at least thirty-two billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, which is around fifty-one percent of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. (Ross, Phillip. “Methane Pushes Climate Control” November 26, 2013) Scientists estimate that emissions from animal agriculture will increase eighty percent by…

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