Animal Farm By George Orwell Essay

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Words can change how people view others and things. Animal Farm is a perfect example to illustrate how the use of words can manipulate the animals into slavery. Different strategies, used by Napoleon and Squealer, persuade the animals into thinking that they were doing right by them. They use words to control the animals which is often done in the real world by people like politicians. Without the power of words in Animal Farm, the rebellion would have not taken place and Napoleon would have never became the leader.
Orwell utilizes rhetoric appeals throughout the entire story; however, the best character to demonstrate this is Squealer. The character’s name fits the pig perfectly, not because of the sound the pig makes, but because Squealer is loyal to his leader, talks behind the animals backs, and goes against the animals. Moreover, Squealer tries to explain to the animals that the pigs are not taking control of the farm just for power. He says,"Comrades! ... You do not imagine that we pigs are doing this in spirit of selfishness and privilege?” (Orwell 35). The reason being because some of the animals tend to feel that the pigs are doing wrong but never question them. Squealer’s lack of conscience and morals, but great rhetorical skills, makes him the perfect character to use propaganda in the story. He serves as Napoleon 's speaker of the farm and every time Napoleon 's actions are questioned by the other animals, Squealer manages to convince the animals that Napoleon’s…

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