Animal Experimentation Is More Helpful Or Harmful Essay

1225 Words Nov 11th, 2016 5 Pages
Animal experimentation Humans depend on controversy to obtain an ominous view of all the facts to make an educated decision. While many humans can never unanimously agree on a whole heartedly ethically inclined decision, it can help create progress especially in cases of animal cruelty. Although many people are against animal cruelty, the controversy is dictated to people’s opinions on whether animal experimentation is more helpful or more harmful. Animal experimentation is incredibly controversial, many people believe animals are suffering just so humans can test medications and other products on them. While other people believe drugs and cosmetics need to be tested on animals before humans use or consumption. They are for animal experimentation because it has contributed to many life saving techniques and devices, which helped lead to the discovery of insulin by studying the pancreas. They also believe that diseases and cures to diseases cannot be accurately researched through a petri dish, only through living body systems in animals can they fully understand how it will affect the body. While other people believe animal testing is cruel and inhumane because the animals are subjected to torturous environments and prolonged periods of restraint. They also believe animals can be replaced in the lab because they have manufactured human cells, they can use for testing, which will prove more effective because they are human cells and will react the way they would in…

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