Animal Experimentation : Is It Wrong With Eating Meat? Essay

1485 Words Oct 31st, 2016 6 Pages
I believe that there is nothing wrong with eating meat because it has developed humans for millions of years and is also a natural occurring process. However, I do believe that the method of which we obtain our meat including factory farming is unethical and needs to be changed. The amount of respect that humans have for the animals we eat is miniscule, and it needs to be fixed. Similar to Pollan’s viewpoint on meat-eating and the process of obtaining meat, I believe that animal experimentation is for a good cause such as medical breakthrough and research for developing pathogens. However, there is a big lack of respect for the creatures that we test with. With that being said, I do not support the unnecessary harm and brutality that some research animals go through. Pollan brings in an interesting reflection of Peter Singer’s book Animal Liberation. He suggests that “if you’re willing to make the effort, it’s entirely possible to limit the meat you eat to nonindustrial animals” (413). With this quote, Pollan explains that just because you like meat doesn’t mean that you can’t be against factory farmed meat. Factory farmed meat refers to farm animals that lived in an unhealthy setting, ate an unhealthy diet, and suffered unnecessary harm due to boosted production rates. Being a meat-eater himself, he acknowledges the fact that he probably won’t abolish meat, but he still makes an effort to slow the brutal industry by staying away from meats that were grown in a factory…

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