Best Moral Argument For Vegetarianism

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Steve Marin

What do you think is the best moral argument for vegetarianism? Does it work? People tend to say that they have a respect for all life, but when it comes to hunger, they may have a different opinion. Everyone has different likes and dislikes and thus determine things differently for whether things are right or wrong. Different cultures around the world consume different things, some are cannibals, some eat cats, some eat pigs, some eat horses, and others do not eat meat at all. Some of these things you may be okay with but others you may not. Our moral opposition tends to steer our decisions to the culture we appeal to. While we do not want animals to suffer, we tend to detach from that when the subject focuses on food. Whatever meat we consume, we end up taking the life of an animal and thus end the respect we had for life. We cannot respect life when it is wrapped up in plastic and know nothing about its origin or what it went through. If we could take more part in the treatment of animals in
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If you respect life, then animals are no different. You should be able to let all animals that are born to have the opportunity to live a normal and happy life and not be born for slaughter. Raising animals for slaughter is cruel because we shorten their life and force them to live in horrible conditions. Humans also get affected by this in a negative way. If you agree that animals should not be raised for slaughter, then you should not support it by purchasing meat products. If the majority of us turned vegan, it will beneficial to the environment as well as for the world. As stated before, being a vegetarian helps out the environment, helps reduce world hunger, saves water, and decreases cruelty in so many places.

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