Animal Cruelty Essay

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We live in a world where people are judged by the way they look, by the way they talk or even by the groups whom they’re associated with. A person who speaks with a deep accent may be judged for speaking “differently”. Language is a great thing. It’s what we use to communicate with others. Each country has different kinds of languages with different accents. Communication is used everywhere in the world. Everyone communicates all the time. But communication is much more than just talking and listening; it involves understanding and interpreting. Language can both include and exclude groups of people through the use of slang, family adaptations, and non-natives. First, there are many types of communication that involve …show more content…
A team from Panama spoke Spanish. The Spanish I heard them talk was not the Spanish I was accustomed to at home. They spoke with a deep accent and used idioms I’ve never heard of before. I felt lost, but to them it was their way of communicating.
Slang has a lot to do with language because no matter where you go it is found. When a student goes to school they do not speak the same vocabulary or slang as if they were at home. This is a different type of slang or idiom in which others might not know but a group a friends or family. Friends influence new words, new slang, or new vocabulary in which people accustoms to when they’re spoken to.
Second, a home is where everyone is taught their first language ever learned. Kids and teens learn to communicate by family adaptation in language. Parents or guardians teach their children new words and languages. This is the first language a child learns so it is the language you will use growing up. Family has one of the biggest influences in language. When going to a grandparent’s home, language changes compared to the language used with friends or at school. Family accents will stick around because it is what someone has grown up hearing and it is the accent they’ve had all their childhood. When trying to learn a new language, the tone or the vocabulary used might not sound the same as that of a fluent speaker. Family has slang in which is only used upon their own family.

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