Animal Cruelty And Its Effects On Society Essay

1003 Words Jan 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Animal cruelty and abuse is a very common discussion in society recently. Why could this be? Is it that animal cruelty statistic rates are rising, or is it that society is becoming more aware of the matter? Nevertheless, more people are recognising animal cruelty as an issue and it is becoming increasingly more controversial. Considering this, it would appear that nearly everyone is a self-proclaimed animal lover and will repeatedly swear by protecting animals (particularly pets) and their rights. Anyone with a clear moral compass will surely agree that that is a positive thing, and it is, but what most people rarely mention are the effects which it has on things other than the animals themselves.
As accounts and reports of domestic violence are increasing, more and more women, men, and children are looking to emotional confidants as an outlet from violence and abuse. Consequently, many abuse victims keep animals as pets amidst their traumatic situation, leaving these pets vulnerable for the abuser to use as a means to control the human victim. Animal cruelty has previously and presently shown direct relation to domestic violence, for example, “Women will often remain in violent and dangerous situations rather than leave their animal behind with their abuser” (Nicola Taylor, Page 19). Studies also show that people who commit violent acts against animals are more likely to commit violent acts against human beings. Even certified criminal investigators such as the FBI…

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