Animal Agriculture And The Environment Essay

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grasslands to provide the factory cattle with food. To keep up these grasslands, fertilizers, and other chemical materials are used. Unfortunately, because of this, soil and water resources are polluted (Russo n.pag). In an interview, Robert Martin from Yale Environment 360 explains, “There are a lot of studies that show [factory farming] contaminates the groundwater with nitrates, which can lead to very serious health consequences … In the fields around these operations, it 's also an over-application of phosphorous, which … will burn out of the soil” (n.pag). Another action that pollutes the water is the lack of manure management in factory farms (Harrigan, Davis, Jacobs, and Rose 2). In the article, Animal Agriculture and the Environment, elucidate that a majority of factory farms do not have any updated manure management plans, and seventy-two percent of those farms were not following the recent plans they had (2). The article also states that in Ohio, there were ninety-eight recorded cases of manure contamination from 2000 through 2003 (2). Most of these contaminations happened in swine and dairy farms that had an average of one-million gallons of manure storage (2). Thus, the absence of a proper manure management causes the surface waters to be polluted by manure handling, storage, and land application(2). Even though the factory farmers know about these problems, they prefer to ignore the situation so they can keep fulfilling the increasing meat demand, without…

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