Essay about Animal Abuse And The Welfare Of Animals

1862 Words Nov 24th, 2015 null Page
It was not until now that I realized that after researching and reading in relation to animal abuse that it has become a soaring problem. Each and every Animal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and other anti-cruelty commercials that fill our hearts with melancholy, are only the superficial evidence of a much immeasurable problem. There are a considerable amount of animals being abused and most go unrecognized. Animals are of great importance in one’s life; however, many in society underestimate them and in many cases poor mental health plays a key role. Therefore, all forms of abuse such as passive and active should be punished, moreover, the laws and anti-cruelty organizations should be strengthened for the welfare of animals. Nonetheless, many argue that both the government and anti-cruelty organizations are doing their best to bring an end to cruelty and bring justice to the voiceless. It is often thought that animal abuse is diminishing has been solved by the law and organizations. Animals are man 's best friend. They are there when we most need them, in the times when we can 't find encouragement in ourselves. What would we do without them? They understand us better than we do ourselves. According to research, pets can become our pals and play a major and important role in our lives ( “Pets”). Animals are valuable in life because they are companions, they 're most likely to never fail us. They as well have beneficial factors in our…

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