Angelo Giovanni Roncalli 's Life Essay

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Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was born on the 25th of November in 1881 in Sotto il Monte, Bergamo, Kingdom of Italy to his two parents Giovanni Battista Roncalli and Marianna Giulia Mazzolla. He was the fourth out of thirteen in his family. His family were sharecroppers in which that meant a tenant would grant the use of a farm to the Roncalli family, in return for a share of their crops that they harvest. He was born into a reasonably poor family that did not have many resources. He attended elementary school in the town and was also tutored by the priest of Carvico.

At 1892, when he was around the age of 12, Angelo entered the seminary at Bergamo for ambitions to become a priest. There, he began creating a group of spiritual notes, in which he continued until his death. These notes were compiled and made into a publication known as the Journal a Soul. Whilst at the seminary, he also began the cherished possession of Spiritual Direction which guides people in a great direction to form their faith. In 1901, he received a scholarship, which granted him to study at the Apollinaris in Rome, learning from Umberto Benigni who was a historian. On 10 August 1904 he was ordained a priest in the church of Santa Maria in Monte Santo in Rome 's Piazza del Popolo. In 1905, he was put in a position for the assistant of the bishop of Bergamo Giacomo Maria Radini Tedeschi. He then got a better understanding of what the problems of the working class were. He also taught apologetics, church…

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