Essay Angela Davis : The Greatest Philosopher Of All Time

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Angela Davis is the greatest philosopher of all time because of her work on the “Prison-Industrial Complex” , racism and feminism. She is a star student of 2 Marxist professors (Theodor Adorno and Hebert Marcuse) and it shows in her continual efforts to bring about change and equality to our prison system and day to day lives. Angela Davis has dedicated her life to the improvement of the lives of others regardless of race, class, or country.
Born January 24, 1944 to Frank Davis and Sally Davis, a service station owner and school teacher, Angela Yvonne Davis was eager to learn and escape her racist home town of Birmingham, Alabama. She grew up in a big, well to do family that moved into the neighborhood called “Dynamite Hill” from the savage house bombings of black families by white men who wanted the neighborhood to stay white and were committed to segregation. Inside her household her parents, both members of the NAACP educated her on racism and classism. Her mother showed her the importance of activism by becoming a national officer and leading organizer of the Southern Negro Youth Congress, an organization influenced by the communist party. As a child Angela wanted to be a pediatrician. She applied to two programs in her junior year of high school, one at Fisk University in Nashville, TN and the other thru the American Friends Service Committee that placed black students from southern cities in integrated schools in northern cities. She was accepted into both programs…

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