Andy Warhol the “Founder and a Major Figure of the Pop Art Movement”

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Andy Warhol

Andrew Warhola is considered to be the “founder and a major figure of the pop art movement”. He was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in 1928. He graduated from the Carnegie Institute of Technology, where he majored in pictorial design. He worked as an illustrator in many magazines including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and the New Yorker, but, his big break was in 1949, when he illustrated for Glamour Magazine. Andy Warhol was born with the name Andrew Warhola, he dropped the “a” when his credit for his drawing read, “Drawings by Andy Warhol”. Warhol was obsessed by ambition to become famous and wealthy, and he knew the only was to achieve this was with hard work. In the 1950s, he moved to a place on East 75th Street, his mother
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In November of this year, Eleanor Ward showed his paintings at Stable Gallery, it became a sensation. November, 1964, his first solo exhibition in the U.S was held at Leo Castelli Gallery. This is when he began his self Portrait Series. Summer of 1966, six of his self portraits was shown at Expo 67 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In August of this year he began to go to different colleges across the Los Angeles area and give Lectures, they became so popular that some colleges hired Allen Midgette to impersonate him for lectures. Warhol later moved and met Fred Hughes, who later became president of Enterprises and Interview Magazine. Then, on June 3rd, 1968, Valerie Solanis, a member of the entourage surrounding Warhol, and the sole member of SCUM (Society for Cutting up Men) walked into Warhol’s Studio, The Factory, and shot Andy Warhol 3 times in the chest. He was rushed to the hospital and the doctors said he was dead, but they decided to open up his chest and massage his heart, just in case. It worked and Warhol survived the attempted murder after spending two months in the hospital. Valerie turned herself in and was put in a Mental Institute and later given a 3 year prison sentence. Afterwards, Warhol dropped out of the filmmaking business, but continued every now and then with his contribution to art. During the 1970’s and 80’s, Warhol status as a media icon skyrocketed. He began publishing issues for Interview Magazine. In 1971 He opened his play, Pork,

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